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Wellness Center of Franklin

A chiropractor in Franklin, TN.

When a family is preparing for a newborn to come into their lives, the universal feeling is always; "as long as they are healthy." We were all once that newborn. As a chiropractor in Franklin, TN, I see that often and tragically, we don't always maintain that "as-long-as- I-and-my-family-are-healthy" attitude. Sure, we don't necessarily want to be sick or hurting, but, do we strive to do what it takes to be the healthiest version of ourselves throughout life?

If you are looking for a band aid, you may find those at your local drugstore, and we send you with our blessing. However, if you have come to the recognition that your health, and that of your family and loved ones are of utmost importance, then you've found the right physician to partner with you on your journey.

Hi, my name is Dwaine Allison and I'm a chiropractor in Franklin, TN. I can hardly wait to meet with you and those you love to discuss your health goals and dreams so we can begin making them come true!

Dr. Ronald Drucker states that "Addressing cause, not just symptoms, would negate the need for 85% of medicine, leaving that industry to focus on delivering babies, and treating accident cases."

At the Wellness Center of Franklin, we are skilled and gifted at finding and addressing the actual cause, and if this sounds good to you, then, welcome to a better way of life!

Chiropractic, for example, (our primary, but not our only method), can gently and safely realign the spine to open up your very life force. It's a wonderful way to experience a renewed sense of vitality, energy, and balance. We also provide acupuncture at our Franklin, TN offices to aggressively attack your pain and get you back to feeling your best.

In the martial arts there is a principle referred to as having "The Iron Shirt." This refers to the person who has much greater resilience and resistance to the stresses that could otherwise cause illness. When you are truly healthy, everyone around you may become sick, yet you can remain well. If you happen to have an accident or trauma, you will tend to effected by it much, much less than others do. That's what we want to help you and those you love experience - your own iron shirt.

We hope you enjoy the information on this site, and will share it with others. It's been said that we don't know what we don't know. So, if you can be open to the possibilities, of realizing what God intended for you, in a safe, loving environment, then I think you will truly enjoy your experience with us! Thank you for visiting my site, but, most importantly, take that baby step that could be the most valuable step for your health's sake by coming in to see us very soon! Call to schedule an appointment today at (615) 790-6363.

Yours in health,
Dr. Dwaine Allison, D.C.
A Franklin, TN chiropractor and Wellness Physician
(615) 790-6363