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Allergy Relief Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Dwaine: Things are wonderful. I’m very
happy, especially since we’d gone through 30+
NAET treatments and 13 Bioset treatments before
we came to see you. Some helped a little but
nothing to the degree of your NRG. The last time
Alex walked in a circle or was staring off in
space was last Friday! So we’re doing well. I
can tell some of those allergies are still
present. If he eats certain foods, he might be a
little rambunctious or out of control, but in
general I’m very happy with his progress. Thanks
again! -D.S.

Case Study: This preschooler had been suffering with chronic OCD-like symptoms, including walking in circles for hours on end. He would also stare into space, and require shouting him back into attention. The family lived in Ohio, and had traveled to see numerous doctors already, with minimal to moderate success. He received evaluation and treatment using the NRG System, and responded well. Below is a brief letter we received about 10 days after his last visit.

I was very skeptical about the BAX300 allergy
machine because I have suffered from allergies
my entire life and had tried every remedy under
the sun. Despite years of allergy shots and two
medications a day, my life was a cycle of
allergic reactions, upper respiratory problems
and sinus infections. As a result, my immune
system was very weak and I seemed to be sick
almost all of the time. With the BAX3000 care I
had immediate relief and living an allergy-free
life, a life I never thought possible. Truly,
receiving the BAX3000 care was the BEST decision
I ever made because it totally changed my life.

"I'm Running, But My Nose Isn't!"

I suffered with allergies for years and tried
all the medications and they either made me sick
or didn't work. Then I met Dwaine. He discovered
that I was allergic to about everything, many of
which I already knew - diary products, yeast,
ragweed and pollen. He used his laser treatment
on me for about 20 different items and it was
like a miracle!

"I could finally enjoy my pasta with alfredo
sauce and drink a glass of chocolate milk
without sneezing myself to death. On my birthday
I enjoyed a hot fudge sundae for the first time
in years!!! What a thrill that was!!!! Thank you

Gary Gosch

Running Coach

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