Here is What Our Patients Are Saying

Here at the Wellness Center Of Franklin we strive to help all those in pain or need, here are just a few of the growing body of testimonials attesting to the work of our lead chiropractor and founder Dr. Dwaine Allison.

Below is a very powerful story of how Dr. Allison was able to help his patient, Maureen.

Here is the story of an athlete that has improved her performance after seeing Dr. Allison

Below is the story of Dr. Allison helping Olympic Athlete and Grand Prix Equestrian.

“Chiropractic Making Teaching Better”

Dear Dr. Allison,

When I started having discomfort in my lower
back, I decided to try the Chiropractic way. I
drive for at least thirty minutes a day and this
was causing pain in my back. I also noticed pain
after standing for only thirty minutes. I am a
teacher and standing is a must!

After receiving regular adjustments, my
discomfort is gone and my energy level has
increased significantly. I have recommended you
to my whole family! Thank you SO much for the
change in my life.


Gayle Prillaman

“Chiropractic; A New Experience And a New Way of Life!”

My symptoms prior to seeing Dr. Allison were
difficult. I had problems with fatigue and a lot
of pain in my lower back. I had problems walking
and was unable to participate in hobbies that I
enjoyed and with other daily activities. I
didn't have energy to accomplish or do the
things I wanted to do. I was in terrible pain,
it felt like a constant aggravation. This
definitely was a problem since I am very active
and enjoy getting around and going when I want.

Before seeing Dr. Allison, I had visited a
medical doctor who gave me a brace, but he said
there was nothing really that I could do about
my injury.

This concerned me!

Then, I heard about Dr. Allison from my mom's
employer and friend, Dr. Kuhlo who also comes to
visit Dr. Allison and he recommended I try it

I had never been to a Chiropractor and the
stories I had heard were full of horror.
However, Dr. Allison came highly recommended and
I knew it was worth a try.

I first came to see Dr. Allison in June of this
year. What I really appreciated was the he
recommended many things. For example; eating
right, exercises, not just for the moment or
time being but encouraging a healthy way of
living. His treatment was a gradual process of
making sure my spine and bones were in the right
places or properly adjusted.

The thought of treatment was scary at first
because of all the horror stories. But after
receiving IMMEDIATE RELIEF, I put total trust in
Dr. Allison's treatment. The staff also
attributed to my recovery. They were both very
helpful and reassuring. And I really enjoyed the
therapy, it was very relaxing.

I would definitely recommend Chiropractic
treatment. It made a huge difference in the
enjoyment of my life and health. I now feel more
productive and full of energy.

Thank you so much Dr. Allison and staff!!! You
guys are wonderful!!!!!!

Summer L. Maberry

"Miracle of Miracles"

Dear Dr. Allison,

I was desperate. I had just arrived at the
Nashville airport from Los Angeles. As I stepped
off the plane and began my walk to the car
rental, my lower back suddenly went out and I
was paralyzed. It was undoubtedly the most
awkward time I can ever recall. I did not know
what to do. I remember thinking that I’d not
bother continuing my trip to visit my mother in
Lawrenceburg and just get on the next plane to
L.A. and head straight for the family doctor.

I got you on the phone and the rest is history.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you
did for me, Dr. Allison. I have always been an
advocate of Chiropractic, and I’ve had some very
positive experiences in the past with it.
However, after my three visits to your office
over the course of my stay in Tennessee, it is
now the high mark of all my encounters with

I don’t think I could have withstood the pain if
I’d gone straight back to Los Angeles. I have
never had such agony. I was relieved when I
phoned and you told me to come on in to your
office. But I really didn’t expect that even
chiropractic could relieve me of the sudden
existing condition. Your first adjustment that
day gave me hope and allowed me to gently make
my way to Lawrenceburg. The second adjustment
the following morning gave me full mobility with
minor pain. The third and final adjustment
before I left for home made me good as new. It

To this day, I’ve been traveling all over in my
work both flying and driving. I have not been
bothered by a pain in my back since. I have told
many people about my ordeal and how you came to
my rescue restoring my body to working order. I
recommend you to any and everyone, anytime they
need a miracle such as the one you provided for

You may feel free to use this letter in any way
you care to. Should anyone desire to speak with
me directly, that’s fine with me. Give them my
phone number and ask them to call.


Jim Whitehead

Sim Valley, CA

"Anxiety Gone, Quality Of Life Returned"

My name is Jonna Miniot. I am a wife, mother of
two, and also a pre-school teacher. I have been
a patient of Dr. Allison’s since early June
2004. Two people had recommended I see him and I saw an article in the newspaper about a blind
chiropractor. I was intrigued and hopeful that
maybe he could help me.

Over the course of my life, I have suffered from
neck and back problems. Since the age of twelve,
I saw different chiropractors, orthopedists, and
many specialists to try to help with my “uneven”
hips and legs. Some suggestions were to lie on
wedges to flatten my hips, wear a lift in my
shoe to equal out my legs, or take
anti-inflammatory medicines. My
muscular-skeletal “abnormality” caused me a
multitude of health issues including chronic
sinus infections, endometriosis, irritable bowel
syndrome, irritable bladder, depression, and
fibromyalgia. My childhood friends always
pointed out to me that I got sick more than
anyone else.

Thirty years later, I was still sick and very
irritable. Right before my first visit to Dr.
Allison, I had three MRI’s and was screened for
multiple sclerosis. Each morning I awoke to
stiff, sore joints and experienced tingling in
my fingers. Every organ in my body seemed to be
irritable and I had to take a pill to get things
to work right. Fatigue was a daily battle and I
couldn’t wait for the day to be over so I could
go to bed. My head felt foggy, I had memory
problems and my eyes seemed to be heavy. Life
was not fun for me and I knew I needed help.

After just one adjustment from Dr. Allison, I
felt immediate relief. The tense, pinching
sensation was gone. I felt like I could breath
much deeper and with less effort. The thing that
impressed me the most though, was this calming
of my nerves. My anxiety was gone and I felt
relaxed. As the weeks went by, I was diligent in
coming to the office for all my visits. I
noticed my fatigue was gone and my energy level
was elevated. All of a sudden, my brain was
functioning better and I wasn’t as forgetful.

Dr. Allison has changed my life!!


Jonna Miniot

"From Skeptic To Amazed"

I first came to see Dr. Allison in January 2005.
Prior to seeing Dr. Allison, I would
occasionally get dizzy a couple times a day,
just from standing up. Upper and lower back pain
sometimes got so bad that it was hard to walk.
Occasionally, I would get numbness and spasms in
my left hand. The stress I was experiencing made
it hard to do day-to-day things without being
upset all of the time, even when not in
stressful situations.

These problems slowed me down, making the days
painfully long, and made things harder than they
actually were. Occasionally, I would place
pillows under certain areas of my back when I
slept. I also took over the counter medications
for the pain. Most of the days were painful, but
I had had the symptoms for such a long time that
I just learned to live with it.

When I joined World’s Gym in Spring Hill, I
spoke with one of the personal trainers there
about prior injuries. She referred me to Dr.
Allison. My main thoughts were that I was
wasting my time and money at another doctor. I
was skeptical at these types of treatments and
wondered if they would do anything at all to
help me. I had also lost confidence with the
medical doctors over the years.

Dr. Allison found 8 subluxations and recommended
spinal manipulation (adjustments) and therapy.
My response to this treatment was AMAZEMENT!!! I
was able to do things without pain, and do
certain things, like standing, for longer
periods without being in pain. I was sleeping
better, no longer had heartburn after eating any
type of food, my vision even improved slightly,
and what took a while for me to realize, but
helped more than anything, was my ability to
deal with and handle stress had improved
dramatically. I am no longer upset or losing
sleep because of stress throughout the day!

In the time that I have been seeing Dr. Allison,
all of the staff have been very kind and
courteous, and have made my visits to his office
very enjoyable. It is nice to be able to go to
the doctor and not be a number or just another
person….Dr. Allison and his staff make it a joy
to go to the doctor’s office.

Chiropractic has made a BIG difference in my
health and enjoyment of life. The pain has gone
almost completely away and daily living is
easier to handle. My stress has improved with
lowering my stress levels and giving me the
ability to exercise for longer periods without

Coming from someone who has been to a LOT of
doctors and specialists through the years, and
was skeptical of the treatments, believe me when
I say that Dr. Allison DOES HELP and WILL
IMPROVE YOUR LIFE! I would recommend him to
anyone. I would like to thank Dr. Allison for
the improvement he has made in my life. Thank
you Dr. Allison for taking my pains away and
giving back the enjoyment that I have been
missing in my life for a long time.

Go see Dr. Allison. It does work, and it will
improve your life and make those problems go


Arthur Rieman

"Watch Me Now!"

Dear Dr. Allison,

I came to you A WEEK AGO last Monday. I was
hurting all over; my head, arms, hips, my
kidneys were not working right, and I couldn’t
raise my right leg. I needed help getting up and

I have been to doctors that sent me for $40,000
worth of tests; CAT, MRI, Electrogram,
Myelogram, etc. I was taking all kinds of
prescriptions. The doctors told me they could
not do anything for me. I even bough an
electronic therapy machine for home, but it
didn’t help either. My wife is disabled and I
have to do the cooking and cleaning for her, and
it was hard for me to do any of it.

I wanted to avoid surgery, so I found Dr.
Allison’s number in the yellow pages. I knew Dr.
Mashburn from before, and knew if Dr. Allison
was with him, he had to be good! I am VERY happy
with the treatments Dr. Allison has given me. I
am able to move around as good as I am able. The
therapy has been helpful also to help me relax.

I would send anyone to see Dr. Allison. Now I
can look forward to my wife’s birthday next

“I don’t have anything else to say but, watch me
get up from the table!”

Bennie E. King

Hooked On Chiropractic Not Drugs"

Dear Dr. Allison,

I had been suffering from severe lower back pain
and pain in my rib cage from a recent car
accident. I had constant pain even when I
walked. It would also take me 5-6 minutes to
raise myself out of bed. The pain was so severe
that I did not want to live with it anymore.

I had gone to the doctor and he prescribed me
pain pills. I was to take 2 of them daily, 6
hours apart. The pills stopped the pain for
about 8 hours, and after that, the pain was
constant. I refused to face the pain daily.

I have been to a chiropractor before, so I had
no doubt that Chiropractic care really works.
Dr. Allison was recommended to me by my son,
Dale who was a previous patient of his. He had
wonderful results and so I decided to see if he
could help me too.

After beginning my treatment daily for 2 weeks,
I could get out of bed with no problems and my
lower back pain had decreased significantly. I
have told my family, friends, church minister
and church group about Dr. Allison.I will
continue this treatment as recommended. Once all
of my pain is gone, I plan on continuing
treatment for maintenance care so I don’t have
to experience pain again!

Sincerely, Jamie Ragsdale

"Breaking The Aspirin Addiction"

I have suffered over 15 years with extreme back
pain. Nothing seemed to help. I took medication
after medication which only brought short lived
results. I began fearing addiction to aspirin
with the amount I was taking! One day I read a
brochure on Chiropractic. I had never been to a
chiropractor but believed that Chiropractic
could help my back pain. I found Dr. Allison’s
office to be very helpful in filing my
insurance, pleasant surroundings, and effective
in finally reducing the pain in my back. Dr.
Allison recommended adjustments and treatment
and within 2 to 3 weeks, I could actually tell
the pain was less!

After all these years of suffering I have
FINALLY found relief!!! I have others in my
family who also receive Chiropractic care for
back pain and leg cramps. Chiropractic has eased
their pain and improved their health conditions.
I have told others, as I would like to tell you,
that Chiropractic really works! I’m living

Yours Truly,

Essie R. Drake

"Pain Is Not A Lifestyle."

I no longer have the chronic pain in my neck and
shoulders like I used to experience. I can do my
job more efficiently, as a chairside Dental
assistant. I can concentrate on my patients
better instead of being distracted by the pain
that I would experience almost daily.

I have discussed my absence of pain with my
co-workers and some of my patients at work, also
my family.

The pain I have experienced for the last TEN
years was something I just “put up with”. Now, I
can wake up in the morning and not be in fear of
living with constant pain.

Thank You, Dr. Allison!

-Debbie Brown

No Drugs, No Harmful Side Effects Just Chiropractic, and My Gratitude"

Dear Dr. Allison,

I would like to express my appreciation and
thanks, first of all for the Chiropractic
profession in general, and especially to you for
honest and sincere concern for both me and my

As you well know, both of us had stiffness in
our back and neck to the point where it was
painful to turn our bodies or head in either
direction, or bend over and raise up without
holding onto something. After a series of
treatments over a period of two and one half
months, we are both much improved, the stiffness
in my back and neck is almost gone, and the pain
almost ceases to exist. All of this without
drugs of any kind and of course, no harmful side

I have had drug therapy for my condition for
several years, but always have side effects from
the drugs that seemed almost as serious as the
condition I was being treated for. I had to
discontinue taking the medication for my back
and neck because of the complications to my
stomach and liver. With Chiropractic treatment,
I have received relief from the above described
conditions, and also a great improvement in my
stomach and liver disorder as well. I have heard
of killing two birds with one stone, but this is
the first time I’ve had series of ill conditions
removed from just ONE doctor!

So thank you, Dr. Allison, for your honest and
sincere approach to better health the natural
way. I’m sure God will have a place for the
Chiropractic method of better health in HIS SOON

Please feel free to use this letter of
recommendation for the purpose of promoting the
Chiropractic Method to better health!


Vernon C. Ellison

"My Only Wish, That I Would have Seen You Sooner"

Dear Dr. Allison, I was suffering from low-back
strain and mid-back tension when I first came to
see you. My pain would last several days per
onset causing me to miss work. I thought that by
getting a lot of bed rest and taking medicine
that my pain would go away. It didn’t. Although
I had never been to a Chiropractor, I did have
some friends who had and they had great results.
I really didn’t know what to expect, but I
figured seeing a Chiropractor was worth a try,
being nothing else was helping. Your
recommendations were Chiropractic adjustments,
muscle stimulation, and Intersegmental traction.
I spent an average of 20 minutes per visit, got
quick results, which have been lasting. I would
recommend to any others who are sick, suffering,
or in pain to give Chiropractic a try! Since I
have, I have told many others about my results
from Chiropractic. I only wish I had tried it a
long time ago!

Sincerely, Hoby Hittson

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